Planning your visit


Booking information

  1. Check curriculum relevance
  2. Choice of program
  3. Plan your program
  4. Choose dates
  5. Booking and confirmation
  6. Pre-program organisation

Step 1: Check curriculum relevance

Refer to your current curriculum program (Australian Curriculum/Curriculum into the Classroom) to see if there is a particular program supporting your curriculum needs. Program overviews and itineraries are found on our Curriculum page.

The majority of programs offered include pre- and post-visit resources to support the field-visit program day. Activities are selected which fully develop the focus on the specific learnings for your school and class. 

Step 2: Choice of program

Programs operate within the Moreton Bay setting and are aligned to curriculum areas including science, history, geography, history and social sciences (HASS) as well as Indigenous perspectives and sustainability. Refer to Curriculum page or contact us to discuss your choice.

Step 3: Types of programs, delivery method and length

All programs require a shared planning and delivery. Students are all highly engaged in the learning. 'Inspiring Champions for the Bay' builds on the content of your classroom learning, developing students’ capabilities with the application of knowledge and skills.

Step 4: Choose dates

On the online booking form please indicate alternative dates and identify days in the week that are to be avoided. We always endeavour to satisfy our client's choice, however we are unable to guarantee these days as prior bookings may be in place. Our policy is to encourage quality curriculum based environmental educational experiences.  

Step 5: Booking and confirmation

  1. All applications for bookings must be submitted via the online booking form.
  2. If you are satisfied with date/s offered you will be asked to forward a confirmation. There will always be an opportunity to renegotiate available dates for your visit.
  3. You will be contacted prior to your visit to discuss curriculum, Workplace Health and Safety and program delivery. This will be negotiated with Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre staff.
  4. The school will be invoiced after your visit date/s. Curriculum based excursions are a GST free supply to students, however GST is charged to non-state visiting schools and is claimable as an 'Input Tax Credit'. No GST is charged to state schools.
  5. Inclement weather may force Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre to postpone a program. In the event of this, an alternative date will be negotiated in conjunction with the organising teacher/s. Notice of postponement will be provided at the earliest possible time.

Step 6: Pre-program organisation 

Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre staff will be in contact prior to the program day to arrange, if possible, a pre-visit to the school. Alternatively, support activities to enhance program readiness will be provided. The aim of the pre-program organisation is to:

  • identify emotional, physical, learning and other special needs of your students;
  • discuss the program details to personalise student learning and sort out any logistical details with the Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre staff prior to the program;
  • commence the planning, implementation and continuation of learning;
  • collect suitable resource materials for your program; and
  • cover workplace health and safety aspects with respect to the field-visit component of the program.

Each program aims to inspire 'Champions for the Bay' and support Australian Curriculum/Curriculum into Classroom (C2C) student outcomes.

Last reviewed 09 December 2020
Last updated 09 December 2020