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Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre (Moreton Bay EEC) recognises that schools do not exist in isolation but are often a central hub in the community. As such, Moreton Bay EEC is an instrumental part of the Wynnum Manly schools education alliance (WMsea) cluster to further students' educational experiences.

Centre programs are delivered in partnership with a variety of groups, including scientists, government bodies, universities, local Indigenous Elders, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS), historical and wildlife groups. Expert community engagement that is effectively focused on student learning delivers powerful outcomes and  these partnerships add to the scope and authenticity of learning available for students.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS)

QPWS have been a treasured partner of the Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre for many years. Together, exceptional learning experiences for students and the community are provided, allowing groups access to natural environments and heritage sites, such as St Helena Island National Park and Fort Lytton National Park. The partnership with QPWS enables this authentic connection to place, heritage and environment and allows students to explore the past using Theatre-in-Education.

Newstead House

Newstead House are new and valued partners of the Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre adding richness to our HASS curriculum offerings. Together, exceptional learning experiences for students and the community are provided, allowing groups to engage with learning on the historical heritage site of Queensland’s oldest residence. The Newstead House partnership, together with the use of Theatre-in-Education, enables authentic connection to place and allows students to relate to the past.

Port of Brisbane

The Port of Brisbane is one of Australia’s fastest growing container ports, and Queensland’s largest multi-cargo port. Moreton Bay EEC’s partnership with the Port of Brisbane sees our environmental education staff collaborate with the Port of Brisbane sustainability team and environment managers on programs. The programs offered in collaboration with Port of Brisbane allow students access to unique locations where they can explore the environment and assess human impacts. There has been a commitment to exclusively use the Port of Brisbane bird hide for the Birds and Beaches, Dogs and Leashes program.

University of Queensland (UQ)

Moreton Bay EEC works closely with professors and scientists from the UQ to enrich our STEM offerings. One such partnership is with Associate Professor Ian Tibbetts, Director of the Centre of Marine Science at UQ, who accompanies us on our program STEM Horizons for High Achievers. Ian’s amazing knowledge of the marine environment and unwavering enthusiasm encourages students to consider careers in STEM.

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

A new and very exciting partnership is developing with QUT. QUT professor and world renowned robotics engineer Matthew Dunbabin is working in partnership with Moreton Bay EEC to develop a world class platform to collect useful marine data using a semi-autonomous robotic vessel. QUT engineering students are working in conjunction with this process to develop an app-based interface to manage live data streams from the robotic vessel.


Julian Uribe-Palomino is a marine biologist with CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research. Julian has extensive experience identifying marine phytoplankton and zooplankton from different latitudes and depths. He has been involved in research projects which aim to understand the structure and composition of the planktonic component of marine environments. Julian’s infectious passion for plankton and the marine environment is a welcome addition to our STEM offerings and he often joins us aboard Inspiration for STEM Horizons for High Achievers.

Queensland Wader Study Group (QWSG)

The expert Ornithologists from QWSG partner with Moreton Bay EEC teachers in our Year 3 Birds and Beaches, Dogs and Leashes program to encourage students to develop an appreciation of the migratory shorebirds that use Moreton Bay. Students use the Port of Brisbane Shorebird Roost where they work alongside the ornithologists from QWSG to observe and identify birds and assess their habitat.

Quandamooka Cultural Officers and Indigenous rangers

Matt Burns, Indigenous Quandamooka Cultural Officer and traditional owner of North Stradbroke Island, has been dancing and sharing traditional stories for 23 years. His rich knowledge of culture has been passed down through generations. Matt enjoys sharing this knowledge with students at Moreton Bay EEC in the hope that future generations will value their stories and understand the connection Aboriginal people have with the land and waters of Quandamooka.


CoralWatch is a citizen science project based at The University of Queensland. CoralWatch helps non-scientists around the globe understand and support effective reef management by using engaging tools that provide people with accessible information and hands-on-experience collecting scientific data. CoralWatch are valuable partners of Moreton Bay EEC and regularly come aboard Inspiration for community events.

Reef Check

Reef Check Australia is an innovative environmental charity dedicated to providing ways for the community to better understand, appreciate and protect oceans and marine environments. Reef Check are valuable partners of Moreton Bay EEC and regularly come aboard Inspiration for community events.

We have been proudly recognised and featured on Totally Wild and Scope television programs.

Last reviewed 07 October 2020
Last updated 14 May 2020