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  • Prep - Year 2: Connect with heritage

    Connect with Heritage takes place at historic Newstead House where students, as History Detectives, compare Brisbane in the 1840s to today. They explore the house and grounds, participate in activities from the past and construct maps and timelines.

  • Prep: Living by the bay

    Living by the Bay invites students to take on the role of Super Scientists and immerses them in a sensory exploration of Moreton Bay. Students gain hands on experience using scientific equipment to identify living and non-living things.

  • Year 1: Habitat heroes

    In Habitat Heroes, students develop their understanding of environments above and below the water. Students participate in hands-on scientific investigations as they discover Moreton Bay’s habitats and inhabitants and how we can protect them.

  • Year 2: Go with the flow

    Go with the Flow explores sustainability of water resources, travelling Wynnum Creek and Moreton Bay. Students conduct experiments, collect samples and begin to understand how water flows through catchments, what impedes flow and how to mitigate th

  • Year 2: Small town, big history

    Small Town, Big History has students explore the history of significant sites on North Stradbroke Island and how it connects to the present. Students examine sources, including an indigenous presentation and photographs and objects from the past.

  • Year 3 and 4: History in a box

    Set in Fort Lytton National Park, History in a Box has students interrogate, through the use of drama, physical sites, historical sources and actors in role. Students will appreciate the events, people and lifestyles that influenced this area.

  • Year 3: Birds and beaches, dogs and leashes

    In Birds and Beaches, Dogs and Leashes, students conduct a geographical inquiry on Manly foreshore and at the Port of Brisbane, encouraging them to think creatively about how they can actively protect shorebirds and the environment of Moreton Bay.

  • Year 4: First contact

    First Contact focuses on the initial contact between Aboriginal and European people in Moreton Bay. Students participate in Indigenous presentations and hands-on survival activities, developing a deep understanding of local history and indigenous cu

  • Year 4: Mangroves and the environment

    In Mangroves and the Environment, students learn the important role mangroves play in maintaining ecosystem health, focusing on relationships between plants and animals. Students identify and study organisms that live in the mangrove environment.

  • Year 5 and 6: Overboard and underwater

    Overboard and Underwater has students adopt the role of Environmental Managers to explore different marine environments, discovering how living things are affected by the physical environment and how human activity impacts upon this.

  • Year 5: Connect with Heritage

    Connect with Heritage takes place at historic Newstead House where students are immersed in Theatre-in-Education. Students explore the house and grounds, participate in activities from the past and construct maps and timelines comparing past and pre

  • Year 5: St Helena stories

    St Helena Stories uses story to engage students in historical events as they follow the biography of an authentic St Helena prisoner. Students make observations, investigate heritage structures and interpret sources for evidence from the past.

  • Year 6: Immigration

    Immigration immerses students in the past with Theatre-in-Education and exploration of historical sites. Students trace the journeys of migrants arriving in Australia, asking why people migrate, where from and what do they contribute to society.